Friday, February 08, 2008
In the class "Feminist Method"

Jemie said "I am wondering to write about blond women in United States. My friend said that in US, having blond hair is always assumed with beauty not cleaver, so a blond woman in many places is not easy to find jobs because she is not smart. In television, we can account blond women to be the presenters only with using one hand. It is really discrimination against blond women. From these reasons, I choose this topic for my research."

Wao I don't know that *gumamku sambil melongo*

In the class "Social and Cultural Context of Education"

Daniel said "Being an American-Indian *Suku Indian adalah penduduk asli America* means being a listener and a follower even though we are the owners of America."

Wao Discrimination still happens in US.

In the class "The Art and Ancestors in Tribal Southeast Asia"

When I read some books regarding tribal arts in Southeast Asia, I realize that almost all statues were made with male characteristic although the position of male genitals such as between the statues in Nias and Madagascar is different.

Hemmm, problem gender lagi
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